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State Food and Drug Administration issued 10 false advertising

Release date:2017-04-25 15:31:22
Recently, the food and drug regulatory authorities to monitor 4 drugs, 3 medical and 3 health food advertising content problems containing unscientific assertions, the efficacy of expanding propaganda cure rate or efficiency, using the patient's name or image to prove efficacy, to deceive and mislead consumers, serious harm to public food and drug safety. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:
First, the Guiyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Li Ren pharmaceutical production of prescription drugs, the treatment of ringworm card". The product through the "gold Fuke official website and online mall website publicity, identify the product name" liaoxuankaxifu powder "," the ad claims that sooner or later a bowl of golden soup, 30 days from tinea light, stick to a month off from the root of a stubborn ringworm, to ensure that the 20 years do not make "etc..
Two, Jilin province psychiatric hospital pharmaceutical factory production of prescription drugs, Phenobarbital and sodium Bromide Tablets". The product through the "medicine Kang net" website publicity, logo product name is "Phenobarbital and sodium Bromide Tablets", "the ad claims that 6 months of clinical observation, 96.7% patients with language and movement ability is enhanced, some mild patients have reached a basic cure etc..
Three, Kunming traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. production of prescription drugs". The product through the "Dianxianning tablet factory" website publicity, identify the product name "Dianxianning tablet", the ad claims that the treatment of epilepsy onset rapidly without recurrence, regardless of duration and different causes, take 8 to 10 days has obvious effect "etc..
Four, Shandong Runhua Pharmaceutical Company Limited production of prescription drugs "ginseng turtle oral liquid". The product through the "mental health official website website publicity, identify the product name as" ginseng turtle ling oral liquid ", advertised as" a period of treatment for children become quiet, good temper, the average efficiency is as high as 93.15%, three months you have a healthy baby "etc..
Five, Zhengzhou Hong Tak Health Industry Co., Ltd. production of medical devices, far infrared paste". The product through the "Ding gukangtie plaster official website website publicity logo product name is" far infrared stick "," the ad claims that cervical hyperplasia is not under a bed, Ding gukangtie plaster let me stand up again, not afraid of disease heavy, the more useful, 97% of people use within one month of symptoms obviously improved or disappeared "etc..
Six, Wuhan Health New World Technology Co., Ltd. production of medical equipment, ironing treatment paste". The product through the "hundred years of treatment of Mu ironing affixed to the official official website website publicity logo product name is" ironing therapy ", advertised as" arthritis with comfortable, periarthritis of shoulder produces more relaxed, hyperosteogeny pain improved, dysmenorrhea after three months of pain "etc..
Seven, Wuhan Hainachuan technology limited production of medical equipment "semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument". The product through the "nose light third generation official website website publicity, identify the product name" semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument, "the ad claims that the day had cured in 7 days, 15 days, 7 days to eradicate cure pharyngitis, eliminate the symptoms, not cure rhinitis recurrence 30 days cleared" etc..
Eight, health food "Xuan Sheng Tong Tang brand four glucose and lipid capsule" certificate holders Zhengzhou Xuan Sheng Tang Pharmaceutical Co., ltd.. The product through the "Shen Nong's herbal hypoglycemic official website website publicity logo product name is Xuan Sheng Tang brand four with glycolipid capsule", advertised as "taking 25 days, steady decline in blood glucose, taking 50 days, blood glucose control, taking 75 days to improve islet function, clear the" content of garbage clogging blood in.
Nine, health care products, "rosy card really take oral liquid," the holder of the certificate for the United States and Zhongshan Health Products Co., ltd.. The product through the "run Meichao placenta oral liquid" in the official website website publicity, identify the product name as "red card real mining oral liquid", advertised as "7 days obviously feel energetic, 10 days to alleviate the symptoms of menopausal women, 40 day menstrual cycle, eliminate" numbness and other symptoms of content.
Ten, health food "Jing Ren Tang seal card ginseng pill" certificate holder of Jiangmen District of Pengjiang City, Beijing Ren Tang Biotechnology Co. ltd.. The product through the "ginseng seal pills official website website publicity logo product name is" Beijing Ren Tang seal card ginseng pill ", advertised as" 7 to 10 days, dizziness and other symptoms improved significantly, impotence, premature ejaculation sexual dysfunction trouble cleaning for 1 months, 2 months to promote the function two times development "etc..
On the illegal advertising and websites, food and drug regulatory authorities have been transferred to the relevant departments to investigate violations. The relevant provincial food and drug regulatory departments shall revoke the approval number of the advertisements within the validity period according to law. The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) food and drug supervision departments should earnestly fulfill the territorial regulatory responsibility, strengthen tracking monitoring of illegal advertising efforts, once discovered, to withdraw approval of advertising measures such as number, shall be ordered to suspend sales of products taken in accordance with the law, transferred to the relevant departments of advertising violations severely punished, and to the public treatment results. Suspected of selling counterfeit products, should be investigated and punished according to the law, suspected of a crime, transferred to public security organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

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