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False invoices 12 billion pharmaceutical companies shocked the whole industry! State Administration

Release date:2017-04-25 15:33:46

False invoices 12 billion pharmaceutical companies shocked the whole industry! State Administration

Yesterday (20) afternoon, the State Administration of Taxation news briefing, announced the 2016 hit ten typical cases of false cheat play special action, one of the largest amount of the top 4 all pharmaceutical companies, the largest amount of tax evasion even close to 10 billion yuan.
These ten cases include:
Shanghai Hong Chong cheat beverages, Guangdong Hua Jun Economic Development Co. Ltd., Xiamen tax fraud case of CITIC Express Import & Export Co. Ltd., Lingyuan city tax fraud case Liaoning Import & Export Co. Ltd, Xinjiang Changji tax fraud case "6 - 5" false tax fraud case, Ji'nan Sheng Wang feed Limited company of VAT invoices case in Anhui Province, Anhui are pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. case of VAT invoices, Jiangxi Taiho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., 15 case of VAT invoices, Guangdong today to Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. case of VAT invoices and Yunnan city of Wenshan Province health medicine industry limited company of VAT invoices case.
In the first quarter, the new tax law 795 cases of tax law. Of which 245 cases of tax evasion, VAT invoices or other invoices to defraud export tax invoice of the other 502 cases." Inspector general of the Inland Revenue Department inspector Li Guocheng said.
From yesterday, the State Administration of Taxation, the message shows: in recent years, the tax authorities to vigorously promote the tax illegal blacklist and joint disciplinary system, effectively deter tax related violations, improve tax compliance.
On the one hand, the scope of the Joint Disciplinary in 2016, the participating units to achieve double expansion around the joint disciplinary measures increased from 18 to 28, the Joint Disciplinary Department increased from 21 to 34. On the other hand, the first quarter of this year, the relevant departments continue to increase the intensity of joint punishment.
According to reports, in accordance with the provisions of the revised "major tax cases of Illegal Information Disclosure Measures", once boarded the "blacklist" will be limited in many aspects, such as traveling abroad, office duties, apply for government land, government procurement.
In fact, a quarter of the public security department for preventing tax arrears and exit border control information of 928 passengers, the actual stop exit 64 passengers; 1716 "black list" of the parties by the Department of industry and commerce, market supervision and management department limits as a corporate legal representative, directors, supervisors and managers; 1954 households in the "black list" by the parties limited government has made the supply of land, the actual application is not approved a total of 6 enterprises; another 2062 households "blacklist" restricted parties in government procurement, of which 52 enterprises within 3 years were forbidden to participate in government procurement activities.
Not only that, the blacklist on the parties concerned will also be seriously affected economic behavior.
The first quarter of a total of 2126 households in the "black list" of the parties can not be normal financing credit, of which 6 Bank of Ningbo cut 23 "blacklist" the credit amount of about 80 million yuan; in addition, there are 1719 households operating behavior is restricted securities supervision and management department.

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