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Medicare cash to form a gray interest chain or even sell drugs through the underground market

Release date:2017-04-25 15:34:46
If the combat and curb Medicare cash is "blocking", then the smooth transfer and broaden the use of Medicare offsite personal accounts are "sparse", combining guidance is the effective way to solve the problem.
Collusion criminals forged medical records, the use of social security card issued a prescription to buy drugs, and then sell drugs to make money through the underground market...... Southern Metropolis Daily reporter after more than a month of unannounced visits to investigate the secret of this medical insurance card cash interest chain. Cardholders will be entrusted to the social security card illegal intermediary cash, cash funds can be obtained 50%, illegal intermediaries and doctors can get income.
Needless to say, the use of social security card or Medicare card cash, in some places has been an open secret. But the interests of the whole chain and the business, still can not help surprised and worried. False medical records, fake prescription, high rebate, the sale of drugs through the underground market, all of these hazards do not have to say.
It is worth noting that the source of this gray interests of the chain in the cardholder there, because many cardholders have cash needs, only the illegal intermediary and kickbacks to doctors, and gave birth to such a grey market. From the news reports, the cardholder wants to cash in, but the health insurance individual account funds, regardless of the overall account.
As for the reasons for the cash, the news mentioned: generally want to cash is ready to leave, or eager to spend money." In the current rapid population flow, a person in the A to pay Medicare payments, transfer to B face many troubles and obstacles, there are some people to leave a place, do not intend to continue to pay insurance gold in different places, so before leaving, natural trying to cash, even if they only got the 50%, is the "cash is king". In addition to preparing to leave the people, some cardholders account balances too much money, the use is very limited, the basic can only lie in the account to sleep, so someone will move the cash mind.
From this perspective, on the one hand to crack down on illegal medical insurance cash, on the other hand, we must improve the existing health insurance policy.
In addition to Medicare offsite transfer, remove obstacles, to ensure the interests of cardholders not because of switching impairment, should also continue to broaden the use of health insurance personal accounts, personal accounts funds make real service to the cardholder. In this regard, in recent years, some places are a useful attempt, such as personal account funds allow for the purchase of commercial health and life insurance, for the purchase of fitness services and fitness equipment, or to allow family members to share the use of personal account funds, but in more places, the health insurance personal accounts can only be used to buy medicine doctor and still.
If the combat and curb Medicare cash is "blocking", then the smooth transfer and broaden the use of Medicare offsite personal accounts are "sparse", combining guidance is the effective way to solve the problem. In the final analysis, medical insurance personal account funds is the cardholder's own money, so that people have more choice of their own money control, nothing should not be.

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